The meetings of the group are the main forum for airing public concerns about the way the Park is funded, managed and developed in the future. Whatever your main interest in the Park (playground, children, trees, wildlife, fun, football, tennis, running…) you can influence future developments.

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Our next meeting is on Saturday 8th September 2018 from 11-12, Clissold House

Clissold Park User Group News July 2018

Meeting notes 14th July 2018

Present: Mark Forsyth (Chair), John Hudson (Vice Chair), Kath Willgress (Secretary), Sophie Cameron (Councillor, Clissold Ward), Lee Stacey, Delilah Jeary (Minutes secretary), Hilde Oord, Bob Wilkinson, TMO, Anna – User, Lewis – Park user, Henriette – park user, Betty Manning, Hannah – park user, Daphne Kemp – park user

Ken Worpole, Larraine Worpole, Quinton Geurs (park Manager), Caroline Millar (treasurer), Roderick Ryan, Daphne and Chris Steele, Theresa Boden (Vice chair), Natalie Kemp, Betty, Isabelle Gore (Website manager)

Matters arising from the last meeting

GDPR – we are now fully compliant

Re-useable cups – The user group will not be producing re-useable cups. Instead, the café has introduced compostable cups and lids. They are still using plastic straws and some plastic cups – can they keep looking at ways to reduce their plastic packaging? There is currently no specific provision in Hackney to recycle these sort of cups. Park Manager reports that all single use items in the cafe are now compostable or recyclable.

Beck memorial plaque – there has been a delay in getting this made and the small ceremony planned for the weekend of 21st July will be re-scheduled.

Bowling Green pavilion – this is no longer being used as an educational resource due to lack of funding. This space is now primarily used as storage.
Toilets – in response to requests for temporary toilets near the paddling pool we heard that portaloos are only installed in emergencies. The Bowling Green pavilion toilets are rarely open and even when they are it’s often not obvious.

AP: Mark to clarify with Quinten the policy on opening Pavilion toilets. Hopefully if they are available it will prevent adults and children urinating in the park.
The park management have said that the toilets will be open on busy days and a notice will be put up saying that they are open.

Park Manager’s report

Mark Forsyth gave the Park Manager’s report in Quinten Guer’s absence

New Buggy Park
A dedicated buggy park has been created in the Café Garden with a low rail to secure the buggies and provide a locking point. There will be no cover due to expense and also to the restrictions of listed status. Signage will be going up imminently. Park users will be encouraged to leave buggies there rather than bring them into the house. This will help prevent damage to the house and hopefully allow the large “quiet” room to be re-instated for Café use. Eventually there will be restriction on buggy use in the house but this is going to be phased in. There is no current information on the timescale of these changes.

Unfortunately the slide has been out of use for a long time. It will cost a lot to fix it properly (£0000s), and a second quote is being sought. There are several other faulty items in the playground, some have been repaired but additional damage has occurred. Works have been costed and instructed. However, barriers are not sufficient and children could get hurt. Furthermore, the water feature has not yet been removed, despite promises to do so.
Park users feel very strongly that we should stop putting up signs and start dealing with the issues. It would be a shame to let the playground fall into disrepair or for elements to be removed. Could Michael Dixon attend the development board? This is an issue of strategy and policy – are you going to maintain this facility or not?

The paddling pool was closed for essential repair earlier in July but has been fixed and is open again.

Tree works are planned for July and August – we will put the details on the website and Richard (Biodiversity rep) will be informed.

Quinten is considering setting up a regular meeting for commercial activities in the park – personal training, football clubs, dog walkers etc. Hawking (selling items) in the park is not allowed.

There was some discussion about the numbers of dogs professional dog walkers can manage and whether Hackney might impose a limit – there is none currently.
A reminder that dogs should be kept on a lead around the house and the café.

New goats have arrived in the animal area. Wallace is the black one, Grommet is the other. They are Anglo Nubians, and very friendly but park users should not feed the goats.

We are reminded that park users shouldn’t feed the ducks bread. The signage could be more plentiful and persuasive?
There are still terrapins in the pond and the New River and the Park Management are looking at relocating them as they damage the ecosystem.

There was dismay and frustration that the Pump House (and Pavilion) are still out of use despite some tendering process for the Pump House. It is feared that this represents a general deteriorating attitude from Hackney Council towards the facilities in the park. The park management have said that there is a delay in approving the Pump House tender by senior management within the council. It is a small tender and is potentially being pushed aside by bigger contracts. The park management will continue to chase this.


Events –  to celebrate London National Park City Week (a London-wide event to advertise parks in London) a picnic was planned for Sunday 22nd July 2-4pm in the dog-free area. All park users welcome.

Shared use of the park for all users – all users should be aware of each other in the park. In recent weeks a cyclist was hurt by a pedestrian and a dog was hurt by a cyclist. The new signs reminding cyclist to be aware of pedestrians have been successful and the user group thinks they help.

Involvement – CPUG welcomes people becoming involved. All Park users are automatically CPUG members and all the positions on the committee are up for grabs.

Fundraising – Do we have any ideas for what we could be spending money on or raising money for? Please tell us

Anna is doing a dissertation on how to make the park healthier and would be interested in getting CPUG members involved. She will be putting something on the Facebook group and sending a statement to share with users.

Questions from park users

Can we get a calendar of events from Hackney Council? Have the council stopped consulting CPUG? The park management have apologised for failing to provide details of events and blamed it on the use of a new computer system, which is now up and running. The only planned event in the park before the end of the year is a food and drink festival in September. Further details will be provided as they become available.
What happened to the Report on Joggers’ impact on trees? Can we get an update?
There have been some Stoke Newington School pupils in the playground – should they be in the children’s playground?

Next CPUG meeting:

Saturday 8th September 2018
11am to 12 noon.
Venue: Clissold House, Clissold Park


Park Keepers: 0208 3566834. This connects to a mobile.
Park Manager: or call 020 8356 4215
Café Management:
Clissold House Venues and Events Officer, Christine Rupprecht: or call 020 8356 5505
Head of Leisure and Green Spaces
Lead Councillor for Parks:
Police: 0208 721 2923 / 07879 603106 /
Seargent in charge: Carroll Weeden
Clissold Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8721 2923

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