Key issues

One of our most important roles is to provide a forum for people to raise concerns and questions about what is happening in the park.

People bring these issues to our meetings and often raise them with our various reps and volunteers in person, by email or via social networking.

On most issues in the park there will be a range of views and so we try to make sure we have all the facts and understand all the viewpoints. In many cases we then take up the issues with the relevant bodies, usually the park management team or Hackney Council.

Below is some further information about some of the key issues that have been brought to us by park users over the last few years.
The Chair’s Annual Report February 2017 [PDF] provides a summary of the progress we have made on some of these issues and what remains to be done.

Clissold Park biodiversity report

This report looks at the importance of Clissold Park for nature conservation. The park has three million visitors a year and a rich biodiversity that needs to be preserved.
The report looks at the management of the park in relation to Hackney’s Biodiversity Action Plan. It looks at all areas of the park including:

  • Grassland areas, including the deer enclosure
  • Wildflower areas
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • The woodland track
  • Ornamental flower and shrub beds
  • Water habitats
  • Butterfly dome and Bowling Green
  • Invasive species

» Read the Clissold Park biodiversity report (Word)

Dogs in the park

We regularly receive correspondence about dogs and dog walking in the park, covering a wide range of issues from dangerous dogs to dog fouling and incidents involving dog walkers and those without dogs.

Dog control orders are now in place in the park which means that dog owners/walkers can be fined in certain circumstances. Dogs can roam freely in the park but need to be under the control of their owners. In certain areas they need to be kept on leads and there are some designated gated areas of the park where they are not allowed at all. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times on the upper café terrace and on the grass slope in front of the house and are not allowed inside the house/café or in the toilets.lead-by-example-leaflet-cover

The Council, working with the User Group, drew up a leaflet Lead by Example to explain the rules and expectations around dogs.  We hope that people will respond positively to this.  The Park Management team is working with the Enforcement team at Hackney Council and the Enforcement team regularly visits the park.
View the Lead by Example leaflet [PDF]