Clissold Park User Group (CPUG)

The Clissold Park User Group (CPUG) is a local community group for the people of Stoke Newington in Hackney who appreciate and love their local park.

The group has been campaigning locally for over 20 years and seeks to represent the interests of everyone who uses this very popular park: the walkers, joggers, cyclists, nature lovers, families and free spirits who value the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in this beautiful and historic space.
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Celebrating 125 years of Clissold Park

Earlier this summer we held two very different events to celebrate 125 years since the opening of the park.
On 21 June we held a big party in the park with food, music and lots of activities for children and families. It was a beautiful, sunny day and hundreds of people turned up to join the festivities.
Many thanks to all the local businesses and organisations who joined in and to all the people who turned up to run stalls and entertain us.

The park opened on 24 July 1889 so on a sunny Thursday evening in July we gathered to unveil the newly restored memorial drinking fountain which celebrates the efforts of Joseph Beck and John Runtz who campaigned to save the land from development.Clissold park fountain, old and new

The unveiling was carried out by the great, great, great grandchildren of Jospeh Beck and three generations of the family came along to join the party.

We were delighted to be joined by our great local poet, John Hegley, who shared a spontaneously composed poem with us:

What used to be where we now stand
Was once a stretch of common land
And there was danger this land could
Be a stranger to the public good.

But Mister Runtz and Mister Beck
Kept private ownership in check
And by the two St. Mary’s steeples
They secured it for the peoples.

In my pram, I knew this park
Not long after Noah’s ark.
We’re here to mark this Clissold Fountain
125 – alive and countin’

As a lasting momento of our celebrations, we restaged two of the more famous photographs from the archive, the gathering on the lawn of the Clissold House taken on the opening day in 1889 and a postcard of the fountain taken early in the 20th century.
Clissold House 1889 and 2014
photo credit – 2014 versions of Clissold House and the fountain: DoubleHPhotography