Clissold Park User Group (CPUG)

The Clissold Park User Group (CPUG) is a local community group for the people of Stoke Newington in Hackney who appreciate and love their local park.

The group has been campaigning locally for over 20 years and seeks to represent the interests of everyone who uses this very popular park: the walkers, joggers, cyclists, nature lovers, families and free spirits who value the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in this beautiful and historic space.
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For general enquiries email clissoldpug@googlemail.com

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WW2 bomb going of in Clissold Park

Getting the New Year off with a bang

A local resident found an unexploded WW2 bomb in his garden in early January.

It was brought to the park and disposed of in a controlled explosion on 4 January.
View footage of the explosion at news.hackney.gov.uk

Dangerous dogs

There have been increased concerns about the presence of dangerous dogs in the park with a number of dogs being attacked by others dogs in and near the park. We are arranging a special meeting with the Council and police to see what, if anything, can be done to address this.

We expect to hold this meeting in February. The date and time will be posted here when confirmed.

Topmouth gudgeon

Topmouth gudgeon

Top mouth gudgeon, a non-native invasive fish species, has been found in the ponds in the park. There is also a risk that it is present in the park stretch of the New River.

As part of a nationwide programme to address the problems caused by this fish, the two ponds and the New River will be treated by DEFRA with a piscicide (fish poison) which will kill all the fish. This will take place in February.

Read more about the programme, including questions and answers about the process at www.hackney.gov.uk/clissold-park

The Environment Agency will be holding a meeting at 7pm on Thursday 5th February at the new Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion to answer any questions on the operation which are not covered by the FAQs in the link above.

If you would like to attend, please confirm via email to bruce.irving@hackney.gov.uk
[photo: © DEFRA]

A new app

We are hoping to develop a smartphone app to provide people with information about the park.
If you are interested in being involved, please let us know: clissoldpug@googlemail.com