Clissold Park User Group (CPUG)

The Clissold Park User Group (CPUG) is a local community group for the people of Stoke Newington in Hackney who appreciate and love their local park.

The group has been campaigning locally for over 20 years and seeks to represent the interests of everyone who uses this very popular park: the walkers, joggers, cyclists, nature lovers, families and free spirits who value the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in this beautiful and historic space.
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For general enquiries email clissoldpug@googlemail.com

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Anatolian Festival – 23 May bank holiday weekend – noise issues

Because of complaints about sound levels in previous years, this year the Council has provided a number to report issues: 07765 966 557
If for any reason you cannot get through on this number you can call Nick Thompson, Events Officer, on 020 8356 4309.

Meeting: Dog issues in the park

A meeting was held on 4 March to look at some of the concerns that park users had raised about recent incidents involving dog on dog attacks in the park and to find out more about the enforcement of dog control orders.
Read the Dog issues meeting notes

Tennis Pavilion venue hire

Tennis PavilionThe new Tennis Pavilion (entrance Queen Elizabeth Walk) has rooms for hire for a range of events from social gatherings and birthday parties to meetings, corporate days and community events.
Call 020 8800 0680 or email info@hackneytennis.co.uk for further information.

Topmouth gudgeon

During February the Environment Agency carried out a programme to eradicate the invasive non-native species topmouth gudgeon from the ponds and the New River. This was part of a nationwide programme to address the problems caused by this fish. The water was treated with a piscicide (fish poison) which killed all the fish.
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Topmouth gudgeonThe user group was disappointed that it was not thought possible for practical and financial reasons to save the other fish in the ponds and a number of carp were lost in the process. The Environment Agency is continuing to monitor the water quality and will do so until all traces of the piscicide have gone.

We will be discussing the future management of the ponds with the Council and have encouraged them to seek advice from the Environment Agency in considering the best approaches for the future. If the ponds are to be restocked with fish, this cannot happen until the winter – this leaves time to consider all the options.
A vast number of topmouth gudgeon were removed from the ponds and we are hoping to see a considerable improvement in the water quality and the biodiversity of the ponds over the summer.  We are hoping to have a report on this at our 14 March meeting.
[photo: © DEFRA]

Report issues to the Parks Department

The Parks Department now have an online reporting system for issues or concerns about parks:

A new app

We are hoping to develop a smartphone app to provide people with information about the park.
If you are interested in being involved, please let us know: clissoldpug@googlemail.com